November Newsletter


November has been a busy month for NWSD, from showcasing the brilliant designs of the first year's and graduates at the Annual Graduation Fashion Show to Marlene (principal) channelling her inner Katy Perry!

We’ve got red carpet, behind the scenes and much more visuals for you to feast your eyes on this month! Also check out our student accomplishments and year book photos!

All for you this month in our NWSD Fashion Communique!


13th Annual Graduation Fashion Show 2012

As we all know, NWSD hosted their 13th Annual Graduation Fashion Show on the 10th of November. The students showcased not only what they have learned this year, but celebrated their creativity on the NWSD runway.

Click here for a look at winning designs showcased on the runway! Also have a look at our red carpet photos!

Winner of the Gert Johan Coetzee Bursary

Congratulations to Prudence Kau (Centurion) for winning the Gert Johan Coetzee bursary.

Prudence was chosen out of a list of 7 finalists after a personal in depth interview with Gert Johan Coetzee.

NWSD Students 2012

This year we did things a little different. In collaboration with NWSD, photographer Donovan Roets did a small fashion shoot with the students of NWSD 2012.

Meet our students by clicking here.

Alumni Update

We are currently updating our website and would like to have you as graduate of NWSD share your success stories and link your business on the NWSD Website (Full Time and Part Time graduates).

Best Dressed Student

At NWSD we like to keep thing interesting and fun. For the Month of October we decided to host a Best Dressed Student competition.

The winner of this competition was Jolinda de Klerk. Jolinda won a photo shoot with Donovan Roets Photography, not only of herself but of her designs made for the Annual Fashion Show.

Click here to see the finalists for the best dressed student competition.

Jumbo Project Run-a-way

The Eastern Cape based retail store, Jumbo, hosted a design competion on Facebook - Project Run-a-way. The brief was plain & simple: design a casual/leisure wear outfit.

Hanlie Janse van Rensburg (1st year BA Fashion Design student) submitted her entry & encouraged by friends & family who voted for her designs. The judges (including the CEO, head of buying and an external qualified designer) chose her design considering creative originality, technical application and commerciality as well as public popularity, as the winning entry.

The design is now in consideration for Jumbo's Summer 2013 strategy which takes place early next year. Congratulations Hanli!


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