Season's Greetings

For this month’s newsletter we decided to give a personal Season Greetings from all our staff members! The principal’s Open Letter and personal messages from the NWSD staff.

On this note, we would like to wish all the Fashion Communique readers a Fashionable Festive Season! 

My 2012 by Marlene Oosthuizen (Principal)

Reflecting back on 2012, I have mixed emotions when looking at some of the events that occurred during this year.

Great trials and setbacks came with huge success and victories and it is these times of triumph that I look back fondly and realize yet again that we are only given obstacles that we can cope with. Read more…

Merry Christmas from Charles Oosthuizen (Registrar)

Looking back at 2012, I am still in awe seeing all the new students faces.

With astonishment they hang on to your every word you say, as the year progress, so does their viewpoints, results, body-shapes (thanks to the butchery) and outlooks on their young lives.

Thanks to each student who made my 2012 great, and hope that 2013 will bring a new array of wonderful group of students to meet.

Merry Christmas to all of you! xxx

Hello from Ella (Interior Lecturer)

My colleague always says “your home should be your landing strip after a long day at the office, where your soul can find peace and you yourself can relax.”  It goes about a lot more than the gate and picket-fence, that we see as security.

It involves the whole picture, the usage of all our senses.  To change a home into a place, where your heart truly lives, takes more knowledge than books and skill, it involves passion and ingenuity.

Indoor décor and architectural marvel is one thing, but if your house is a homeit  should have a heart.  The most stunning homes is normally the ones whereby all your emotions can run wild with you, and you can surely delight in all your antiques, whether it is grandma’s hat-box, a frame bought at flea-market with a special friend, the look of the paintings on your wall, and you know that your friend and yourself did blood-sweat through the night, with a bottle of wine to decide where it should hang.  Or that half-eaten bottle of jam in your fridge, those peaches you painstakingly peeled for the big occasion.

Your home should be a place of solace for you, whereby you can just an relax amongst your treasures, and your garden should display your inner happiness.

Lots of love,

I loved 2012 – Kobus (Lecturer)

And so we say goodbye to another wonderful year.  When I look back at the good times this year it would have to be seeing North West School of Design growing and adjusting into what I am so excited about to be part of in the upcoming years.

Not only did I learn about the necessity to adapt to the greater good but also the importance of solving circumstances and the aftermath there of.  In my 5 years with the school, I have had the privilege to take mentorship from 2 important ladies in my life, Marina Alberts and Marlene Oosthuizen and would like to thank them for their investment in my being.

Secondly is the great success we had from the 2012 Fashion show, seeing how a whole family came together, each playing an important part in making the show happen.  This is truly one of those once-in-a-lifetime thing you have to be part of and I want to thank all of you who made it happen.

Then there was one special day for me, the 25th January 2012.  This is the day I met 25 new young, talented individuals who during the year made such a big impact on my life and my way of thinking.  I’m the one in front of the class lecturing but you are my 25 friends from who I have learned from and came to love.

Thank you for all your hard work and input during this year, you have made me proud.  I wish everyone I know a blessed Festive Season, be safe and be kind.

All my love,
Kobus xx

Message from “Tannie” Marina (Lecturer)

Dearest colleagues, students and friends. The year 2012 is on its back, what we haven’t done we can still do, even if time does not stand still.

Enjoy the Holidays, and may God bless you!! See you in 2013.

Love Marina

Lisa de Villiers (Lecturer)

Fashion, glamour, sensuality – these are not qualities reserved only for the young. Live your dreams.

Lots of love – Lisa

Haloooee from Donovan (Online Editor)

When I think, 2012? I think of a year of inspiration hard work and praying that the world won’t end on 21 Dec. *just kidding*. I would just like to thank each student 1st and 2nd year for always being so awesome and would like to wish the graduates a very successful career ahead!

Remember, hard work, determination, good friends and family is the key to successful living. “Impossible” is only a word they created to make people doubt themselves. Believe in yourself and believe in what you do, and always stay humble.

Merry Christmas to all

Lots of love, Donnie

Season’s Greetings From New York – Prof. Alexis Brouwer

Hi there everyone from a cold New York … I was fortunate, to have been involved with the North West School of Design since the beginning of the year.

I had the wonderful opportunity to finally meet the wonderful students and staff during a September break to South Africa.

With this, I wish everyone in South Africa a fantastic Christmas and wonderful 2013. Will see you all in South Africa again next year.

Lots of love,

Advice from Lillian (Part time Fashion Lecturer)

Life is too short and unpredictable for regrets so live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment. Enjoy the festive season.


Merry Christmas from Salome Kotze (Part time Lecturer)

"Enjoy life to the fullest embrace your loved ones be happy and give it your all in 2013. Merry christmas"